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Maxon attend the cippe2022 Petroleum and Petrochemical Exhibition

On July 30, the three-day cippe2022 petroleum and petrochemical exhibition successfully ended in Shenzhen Bao'an.


At this exhibition, Maxon's booth was full of visitors. Under the detailed explanation and guidance of our staff, many visitors had a better understanding of industrial wireless communication solutions.


The new explosion-proof series of Maxon has attracted strong attention at the exhibition. Through the sample's demonstration and explanation, grades of explosion-proof products attracted the interest of visitors. Different grades are suitable for different scenarios to meet special needs. There is also a series of industrial-grade communication equipment and a complete product series, which made the audience express their willingness to cooperate.


Maxon always works on "Link of your think", constantly breaking through ourselves, and building a reliable "Maxon" brand. Thanks to the friends who have been with us all the way, in the future, we will continue to serve customers with the best and most valuable products so that our products can benefit whole industries.