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Electricity Solution

Turkey Solar Power Station Project Renovation

Case study: The CANBUS solution was initially selected by customer. Due to the large construction area, a CANcard should be placed under each device for data collection, and the rate requirement is high.
Because the cost of the can optical network (non-attenuation solution) is too high, cudtomers change it to Profibus. It's composed of cascaded PROFIBUSOLM and 8 optical 1 electrical profibusHUB to minimize the cost.

case show


Our system topology

According to the requirements of customer, every 10 sets are connected by optical fiber with profibus OLM, the profibus bus data is transmitted through optical cable, and optical HUB is used in the central computer room. Every 60-80 devices are used as a network segment. Improve the security of the system.

The overall application of this project is 378 OLMs and 8 optical HUBs.