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List of key technologies for the global energy Internet

The Global Energy Internet Development Cooperation Group released the White Paper on Global Energy Internet Development Strategy in Beijing on the 22nd, "Transnational Technologies and Prospects of Transnational Intercontinental Grids", "Global Energy Internet Development and Prospects (2017)", delineating the global energy Internet in the coming decades. The development path, for the first time, clearly presents a list of relevant key technologies.

Liu Zhenya, chairman of the Global Energy Internet Development Cooperation Organization, said that at present, the resources, technology, economic and political conditions for building a global energy Internet are already in place. For example, in terms of resources, only 5 per cent of global clean energy resources can meet global energy needs; On the top, key technologies such as UHV and smart grid are maturing.

However, in the five major areas, there are still many technical difficulties to be overcome. The "White Paper" clearly states that in the UHV field: it mainly overcomes the UHV DC power transmission and transformation technology of ±1100 kV or more, accelerates equipment development and engineering application; breaks through UHV DC submarine cable technology to solve cross-sea transmission problems; accelerates development of poles UHV core equipment manufacturing and application technology under special circumstances such as cold and extreme heat; breakthrough technology of ±800 kV UHV multi-terminal flexible DC, ultra high voltage/UHV flexible DC, high voltage DC circuit breaker, and controllable series compensation and controllable UHV flexible AC transmission technology such as shunt reactor. In the field of smart grid: it mainly covers intelligent technologies covering power generation, transmission, substation, power distribution, power consumption, and dispatching, and adapts to various types of clean energy flexible access; research and development of grid technology and cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things, New technologies and equipment for deep integration of mobile internet technologies. In the field of clean energy: mainly to overcome high-capacity high-parameter wind turbines, high-efficiency low-cost photoelectric conversion, large-scale ocean energy generation and other clean energy technologies, breaking through wind power, photovoltaic and other clean energy power generation virtual self-synchronization technology, comprehensively improve the economy of clean energy power generation Sex, stability and safety. In the field of energy storage: to improve the energy density of energy storage devices, and to develop new energy storage technologies with large capacity, long life, low cost and high safety to meet the large-scale energy storage needs of power systems. In the field of power grid operation control: mainly to overcome the safety and stability operation mechanism and characteristic analysis technology of large-scale AC/DC hybrid power grid, build a new generation power grid simulation platform, improve calculation efficiency and calculation accuracy; break through the techniques of power grid fault diagnosis, recovery and automatic reconstruction, Comprehensively improve the defensive capabilities of large power grids under cascading failures, extreme disaster weather or external damage.