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Government Work Report: Strengthening Information Consumption and Promoting Integration of Two

The report mainly includes six parts: First, the work review in 2014; Second, the overall deployment of work in 2015; Third, the reform and opening up will be pushed to the depth; Fourth, coordinate and promote economic stability and structural optimization; Fifth, continue to improve people's livelihood and Social construction; 6. Practically strengthen the government's own construction.

The report focuses on the work in 2014 from five aspects: implementing directional regulation on the basis of interval control, maintaining stable economic growth; deepening reform and opening up, stimulating the vitality of economic and social development; increasing structural adjustment and strengthening development stamina; We will safeguard the people's livelihood security network and enhance people's well-being; innovate social governance and promote harmony and stability. It mentioned that “price reforms in the fields of energy, transportation, environmental protection, and communications are accelerating.” “The international cooperation in railway, power, oil and gas, communications and other fields has achieved important results, and Chinese equipment is making great strides toward the world.” “Supporting the development of mobile Internet, integration In strategic emerging industries such as circuits, high-end equipment manufacturing, and new energy vehicles, Internet finance has sprung up, and new formats such as e-commerce and logistics express have grown rapidly. Many 'makers' have come to the fore.” “Broadband users exceed 780 million.”

In the overall deployment of the work in 2015, the report puts forward the overall requirements of the government work, the main expected goals and the three principles to do well in this year's government work. The report pointed out that China's new industrialization, informationization, urbanization, and agricultural modernization continued to advance, the development foundation was growing, the reform dividend was being released, and macroeconomic regulation and control accumulated rich experience. It is necessary to promote the proportion and level of service industry and strategic emerging industries, optimize the spatial pattern of economic development, accelerate the cultivation of new growth points and growth poles, and achieve upgrading in development and development in upgrading. The traditional power of economic growth is weakening. It is necessary to intensify structural reforms, accelerate the implementation of innovation-driven development strategies, transform traditional engines, and create new engines. In addition, the report proposes that the forecast for economic growth this year is around 7%.

In the deeper part of the reform and opening up, the report proposes to promote the construction of a social credit system, establish a national unified social credit code system and a credit information sharing exchange platform, and protect enterprise and personal information security according to law. Governments at all levels must establish a strong promotion mechanism for decentralization, decentralization, and transformation of functions, loosening enterprises, facilitating entrepreneurship, and creating a level playing field. All administrative examination and approval matters must be simplified, with a clear time limit, and the “subtraction” of government power in exchange for the “multiplication” of market vitality. Promote railway, power, communications, construction machinery, and Chinese equipment such as automobiles, airplanes, and electronics to the world.

In the coordination of promoting stable economic growth and structural optimization, the information and communication industry has the largest proportion of relevant content. The report proposes to accelerate the cultivation of consumption growth points, expand information consumption, comprehensively promote the integration of the three networks, accelerate the construction of optical fiber networks, significantly increase the speed of broadband networks, develop logistics express delivery, and make the emerging consumption of the Internet as the carrier and online and offline interactive. Red fire. Increase the effective investment of public goods, and launch a number of new major engineering projects, including major network projects such as information and electricity. Promote new urbanization and make new breakthroughs and develop smart cities. Expand regional development of new space, accelerate the construction of comprehensive transportation hubs and networks in the central region, support the development of the eastern region, increase support for young and old, poor and poor areas, and improve differentiated regional development policies. Promote the industrial structure to the middle and high end, and accelerate the shift from a manufacturing power to a manufacturing power. Promote the deep integration of industrialization and informatization, develop and utilize technologies such as networking, digitization, and intelligence, and strive to seize opportunities and achieve breakthroughs in some key areas. It is necessary to implement major projects such as high-end equipment, information networks, and integrated circuits, and cultivate a group of emerging industries into leading industries. Formulate an "Internet +" action plan to promote the integration of mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data, and the Internet of Things with modern manufacturing, promote the healthy development of e-commerce, industrial Internet and Internet finance, and guide Internet companies to expand the international market. The state has set up a 40 billion yuan emerging industry venture capital guiding fund, and it is necessary to integrate and raise more funds to fuel industrial innovation.

In the continuous improvement of people's livelihood improvement and social construction, the report proposes to strengthen and innovate social governance, develop and standardize cyberspace, and ensure national security and public relations security. In the actual strengthening of the government's own construction, the report proposes to openly and comprehensively disclose administrative affairs, promote e-government and online services.